Tuning MongoDB Consistency

Please join Percona’s Senior Technical Operations Architect Tim Vaillancourt as he presents "Tuning MongoDB Consistency."

Welcome to part two of Percona's tuning series. In our previous webinar, we mentioned some of the best practices for MongoDB tuning (https://www.percona.com/resources/webinars/mongodb-system-tuning-best-practices). What if you still need better performance after following the tuning advice in the first webinar? Part two takes a closer look at some of the some of the other options to consider when tuning queries.

In this webinar, we will cover

  • Consistency, atomicity and isolation in MongoDB
  • Replica set rollbacks, and the risks to your data
  • Integrity vs. scalability tradeoffs to consider during development
  • Using read concerns and write concerns to tune your application data consistency
  • When to use Read Preference, and the tradeoffs of doing so
  • Tuning your MongoDB deployment and server configuration for data integrity/consistency
  • Performing cluster-wide consistent backups

    By the end of the webinar you will have a better understanding of how to use MongoDB's features to achieve a required balance of consistency and scalability.