Troubleshooting MySQL access privileges issues

Please join Percona’s Principal Technical Services Engineer Sveta Smirnova as she presents “Troubleshooting MySQL access privileges issues”.

Do you have registered users who can’t connect to the MySQL server? Strangers modifying data to which they shouldn’t have access?

MySQL supports a rich set of user privilege options, and allows you to fine tune access to every object in the server. The latest versions support authentication plugins that help to create more access patterns.

However, finding errors in such a big set of options can be problematic. This is especially true for environments with hundreds of users, all with different privileges on multiple objects. In this webinar, I will show you how to decipher error messages and unravel the complicated setups that can lead to access errors. We will also cover network errors that mimic access privileges errors.

We will discuss:

- Which privileges MySQL supports
- What GRANT statements are
- How privileges are stored
- How to find out why a privilege does not work properly
- How authentication plugins make difference
- What the best access control practices are