Troubleshooting Issues with MySQL Character Sets

Please join Percona’s Principal Technical Services Engineer, Sveta Smirnova as she presents “Troubleshooting issues with MySQL Character Sets”.

Many MySQL novices find MySQL character set support puzzling. But after you understand how it is designed, you will find it much more powerful than many other competing database solutions.

MySQL allows to specify a character set for every object, and change it online. For years this has helped to create fast applications that can work with audiences all around the world. However, it also requires any DBA troubleshooting character set issues to have a deep understanding of how they work. Different sort rules and collations can complicate the process.

In the webinar we will discuss:

- Which character sets and collations MySQL supports
- How they can be set
- How to understand error messages
- How to solve character sets/collations compatibility issues
- What Server, application, command line and graphical tool options are available
- What to check first and how to continue troubleshooting
- What the various compatibility issues are
- How to convert data, created in earlier versions
- What the best practices are