Online Event

Percona MongoDB Tech Day

for Europe

Monday, November 22, 2021

We are thrilled to announce Percona MongoDB Tech Day for Europe! Join us at this virtual event, where we will discuss:

- The most important new features available in MongoDB 5.0.
- Percona Server for MongoDB features, with a focus on Security
- Percona Distribution for MongoDB Kubernetes Operator
- The future of MongoDB

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear MongoDB Community Champion, Arkadiusz Borucki and Percona’s Enterprise Architect, Michal Nosek in a fireside chat discussing the future of MongoDB. Percona’s Architect, Corrado Pandiani will discuss the most important new features available in MongoDB 5.0. All three will be available to answer your most pressing MongoDB questions in real-time!

We hope to see you there. If you can’t make it, register anyway and we’ll send the recording of the event afterwards.


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Meet Our Speakers

MongoDay Speakers

Arkadiusz Borucki, Principal SRE Database Engineer at Beamery

Arkadiusz Borucki is a SRE / NoSQL / DevOps professional and has been working with MongoDB since 2015. He's a MongoDB Certified DBA and ex MongoDB Master. He also has experience with multiple cloud providers, Kubernetes, Ops Manager, Atlas, and MongoDB Enterprise K8s Operator. Since 2017, Arkadiusz has been a speaker at MongoDB conferences all around the world. Distributed, multi-cloud MongoDB sharded clusters bigger than 100TB with hundreds of nodes are nothing unusual for him.


Michal Nosek, Enterprise Architect, Percona

During ten years of his career, Michal took different roles from a software engineer and business analyst to a technical sales consultant, always staying close to the technology. He has hands-on experience with a broad range of programming languages and database technologies in different verticals. As an Enterprise Architect at Percona, Michal’s objective is to bridge the gap between database technologies and business outcomes by providing customers with appropriate strategies, open-source database solutions and Percona Services.


Corrado Pandiani, Professional Services Architect, Percona

Prior to joining Percona as a Senior Consultant, Corrado spent more than 20 years in developing web sites and designing and administering MySQL in particular in the football industry. He is a MySQL enthusiast since version 3.23 and his skills are focused on performances and architectural design. He's also a trainer and a MongoDB consultant


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