Percona Roadshow Coming to Your City!



We are pleased to invite you to a one day event as part of our 2022 Road Show around Europe and Asia. 

In these sessions, our Percona experts and engineers will walk you through a broad range of topics around the open source industry, such as Percona Monitoring and Management, Percona Kubernetes Operators, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Percona Platform. Join us for demos, customer stories, industry news, trend analysis, and Q&A sessions. 

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to network  with your peers, discover and hear how others are solving their database challenges!

The attendance is FREE!

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Paris - September 22

Best Western Ronceray Opéra, 10, Boulevard Montmartre

New Delhi - September 28
Singapore - October 19

(previously scheduled for Tokyo)


Copenhagen - April 26

Stockholm - April 28

Frankfurt - May 13 

Milan - May 31: ONLINE EVENT 

Barcelona - June 14

London - June 16




Meet the Speakers:




Michal Nosek
Enterprise Architect at Percona

Michał Nosek is a Senior Solutions Engineer with 10+ years of industry experience in various customer-facing software engineering roles, driven by connecting the world of business and technology through innovative solutions that solve challenging business problems.


Holman Romero
Director of Platform Engineering at Percona

Holman worked 20+ years in the software engineering industry. His career has always been in open source. Holman started with the Free Software Foundation and as an active contributor to several other open source initiatives. He was a developer and team lead for 10+ years before moving into management and then was the CTO of Sourcefabric, an organization focused on developing professional open source software for the media industry. Before joining Percona, where he is the Director of Engineering leading teams that are responsible for developing some of the components of Percona Platform, Holman previously worked at Sourcefabric for 11 years.


Dimitri Vanoverbeke

Senior Solution Engineer at Percona


Dimitri has been active in IT professionally since 2003 in which he took various roles from internal system engineering to consulting. Prior to joining Percona, Dimitri worked as a Open Source consultant for a leading Open Source software consulting firm in Belgium. During his career, Dimitri became familiar with a broad range of open source solutions and with the devops philosophy.



Marco Tusa

MySQL Technical Leader at Percona


Marco Tusa had his own international practice for the past twenty eight years. His experience and expertise are in a wide variety of information technology and information management fields, cover research, development, analysis, quality control, project management and team management. Marco is currently working at Percona as MySQL Technical Leader, previously working at Percona as High Availability Practice Manager. 


Corrado Pandiani

Senior Architect at Percona


Prior to joining Percona as a Senior Consultant, Corrado spent more than 20 years in developing web sites and designing and administering MySQL in particular in the football industry. He is a MySQL enthusiast since version 3.23 and his skills are focused on performances and architectural design. He's also a trainer and a MongoDB consultant.







Percona Roadshow Event in Paris, September 22nd


8:30 - 9:00 Welcome the audience to room

9:00 - 9:15 Welcome message 

9:15 - 10:15 Session #1 (Michal Nosek) - Open Source Databases in the cloud-native landscape - how-to, the pros, and the consequences

It's not uncommon to deploy a microservice-based, containerized application on Kubernetes these days. How to deploy a database in such a situation? In this presentation, we will present a viable alternative for any application running on Kubernetes - using free and open-source Percona Kubernetes Operators for MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.

10:15 - 10:45 Morning Break

10:45 - 11:30 Session #2 (Dimitri Vanoverbeke) - Efficient Monitoring and Management of database infrastructure using PMM

Want to demystify the impact of your workload on your database infrastructure, understand performance indicators and have centralized management of backups. Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a free, open-source monitoring and management tool for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and underlying components. This talk will provide you with common use cases, capabilities and recommendations in using this Percona solution.

11:30 - 12:15 Session #3 (Holman Romero) - Unify your Database Experience with Percona Platform

Managing complex database environments is incredibly challenging across multiple open databases, spanning across clouds and on-premises. Learn how you can easily monitor, secure, and optimize your database environments on any infrastructure with Percona Platform. It brings together expert-curated database distributions, monitoring, and management tooling with Percona’s renowned expertise into a single product that helps DBAs focus on creating value.

12:15 - 13:15 Lunch

13:15 - 14:00 Session #4 (Marco Tusa) - Compare Percona Distribution for MySQL Operator VS AWS Aurora and standard RDS

If you are wondering what Percona Operator for MySQL (POM) is and how it could help a starting business or a new project inside an enterprise, then this presentation is for you.
In fact, we often see analysis and benchmarking covering huge datasets and instances with very high levels of resources. But we tend to forget that any application or solution started as something small, and it is important to identify a database platform that allows us to scale from zero to a decent amount of load, while keeping the cost as low as possible.
The presentation covers that crucial phase describing what happen when we use 3 different application scenarios utilizing the 3 different database platforms, AWS Aurora, standard RDS, POM.

14:00 - 14:30 Afternoon Break

14:30 - 15:15 Session #5 (Corrado Pandiani) - The Percona’s MongoDB flavor

MongoDB is the most popular and widely used document based database. It has great features and it is scalable at ease. The native solution for getting HA and sharding makes MongoDB an awesome database. But if you need enterprise class features like encryption at rest, LDAP authentication and Audit, then these come at very high license cost. Here comes Percona Server for MongoDB, the drop-in replacement 100% compatible with MongoDB Community. All the mentioned enterprise class features come for free. This presentation introduces the Percona's completely open source flavor of MongoDB. Learn what is Percona Server for MongoDB, the Percona Backup for MongoDB and the Percona Operator for MongoDB.

Networking/Round Tables/Panel discussion (Ask the expert)

  • Open Source Licensing
  • To DBaaS or not to DBaaS
  • Migrating to Open Source Databases
  • Managing & Monitoring
  • Migrating from and to Another Open Source Database

17:00 End of day




Database Performance Experts

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