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Introduction to MySQL troubleshooting: basic techniques - Part 2

MySQL installations experience a multitude of issues: server hangs, wrong data stored in the database, slow running queries, stopped replications, poor user connections and many others. It’s often difficult to not only troubleshoot these issues, but to even know which tools to use.

In my experience, 90% of MySQL troubles can be identified and solved with some basic techniques. In this first of two webinars, I will demonstrate some expert tips that will simplify troubleshooting.

We’ll start with an easy-to-follow workflow, then troubleshoot one or two MySQL issues. Together we’ll address the issues using built-in instrumentation and the most important command line tools.

At the end of the webinar you’ll know why a MySQL application is misbehaving, and how to address it! You can use this information as a foundation for more complicated issues that we’ll discuss in the next webinar.

Knowledge of how to setup a test environment. For help, watch MySQL Troubleshooting Webinars, part 1: How to create test setup