MongoDB Revs You Up: What Storage Engine is Right for You?

Join Jon Tobin, Percona's Director of Solutions Engineering, as he presents "MongoDB Revs You Up: What Storage Engine is Right for You?" As you may or may not know, MongoDB now supports multiple storage engines – a feature the community has been requesting for years! Now that it's here, you might be asking yourself, "Which engine should I use?"

As an extension of the recent "MonogDB Revs You Up" blog series, this webinar will help you answer that question. Jon will review the storage engines that have recently become available in the MongoDB ecosystem and how they can accelerate your workload.
This webinar will cover:
  • What differentiates the storage engines
  • How you can use them
  • The effects the different storage engines have on various workloads
  • How you can evaluate the engines for yourself