MariaDB Server 10.2: The Complete Guide

The new MariaDB Server 10.2 release is out. It has some interesting new features, but beyond just a feature overview we need to look at how to use some of them. Learn about window functions, common table expressions, finer grained CREATE USER statements, and a lot more -- including getting mysqlbinlog up to parity with MySQL. But there are still unique features that don't exist in MySQL yet, so it's worth talking about encryption at rest, integrated Galera Cluster, threadpool, InnoDB defragmentation, roles, extended REGEXP, etc.

This talk will go over everything new that MariaDB 10.2 has to offer. It will describe all new features, both MySQL compatible and MariaDB-only ones, and show usage examples and practical use cases. Also to be discussed, a bit of a feature roadmap for MariaDB Server 10.3.