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Database in the Cloud: How Cloud Environments Can Make Your Data Soar (or Sore)

Will your database environment meet your business growth needs?

The demands on enterprises to improve time to market is driving firms of all sizes to move their databases to the cloud. Even companies used to rolling their own technology solutions are drawn to cloud databases. While DBaaS cloud offerings are gaining more traction as a solution for changing workloads and environments, that need to evolve and meet new business demands comes with its own set of caveats and issues.

Before moving to the cloud, it is important to carefully define your database needs, plan for the migration and understand what putting a solution into production entails. 

Percona's white paper discusses the following subjects on moving to the cloud:

  • What is “the cloud” exactly, and why are businesses moving to it?
  • Should you move your business environment to the cloud?
  • What questions should you ask a potential DBaaS provider?
  • What are the things you need to plan for and be aware of to ensure a smooth transition?

Download this white paper to find out how to define your cloud provider requirements, plan for the migration and understand what putting a cloud solution into production entails.