Troubleshooting Crashing Issues

Please join Percona’s Principal Principal Support Engineer, Sveta Smirnova, as she presents “Troubleshooting Crashing Issues”.

This webinar is for every MySQL user! In this talk, I won’t focus on how to analyze core files, read source code and set breakpoints. Instead I will focus on techniques that are available for anyone, even a novice.

Many tutorials, including my own, written based on Roel Van de Paar's video, suggest how to create and analyze core files created at the time of a crash. While this is one of the strongest possible troubleshooting techniques for crashes, it is not the only technique. There are more easy and accessible methods for any level of MySQL user.

You will learn why the MySQL Server crashes, how to identify the source of the crash and what to do to prevent crashes in the future.

"Lost connection to MySQL server" and "Server has gone away" are the messages the application sees when MySQL server crashes.

In this webinar, I will discuss:

  • What to check first
  • How to understand error messages
  • Typical reasons for crashes
  • How to find the reason for a crash without touching the MySQL source code
  • How to read backtraces

I will also cover the limitations of these techniques, such as what they don’t reveal and what is the most complicated part of each of them.