Moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Join Percona’s Solutions Engineer Dimitri Vanoverbeke as he discusses the many challenges faced when migrating applications from on-premises into Amazon Web Services (AWS). This webinar will specifically look at moving MySQL to AWS’s Relations Database Service (RDS) platform.

AWS is a great platform for hosting your infrastructure in the cloud. This webinar will go over the particulars of moving towards the DBaaS solution inside Amazon’s web services, and covers the different levels of service and options available.

The webinar will also discuss RDS specifics and possible migration techniques for pushing your information into RDS:

· Moving to an RDS instance specifics
· Optimizing configuration on RDS
· Choosing between EC2 with MySQL and RDS
· Moving to Amazon Aurora
· Selecting between availability options in Amazon RDS
· Using backups with Amazon RDS

This webinar provides a good overview on what migrating to RDS can bring to your organization, and many of the essential configuration options.