Black Friday and Cyber Monday: How to Avoid an E-Commerce Disaster

Can your retail site handle the traffic deluge on the busiest shopping day of the year? Join Percona's Sr. Technical Operations Architect, Tim Vaillancourt as he provides some best practices to ensure the performance of your system.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is mere months away, and major retailers have already begun stress-testing their e-commerce sites to make sure they can handle the load. Failure to accommodate the onslaught of post-Thanksgiving shoppers might result not only in embarrassing headlines but millions of dollars in lost revenue. Our advice to retailers: September stress tests are essential to a glitch-free Black Friday.

This webinar will cover:

  • Tips to avoid bottlenecks in data-driven apps
  • Techniques to allow an app to grow and shrink for large events/launches
  • Solutions to alleviate load on an app's database
  • Developing and testing scalable apps
  • Deployment strategies to avoid downtime
  • Creating lighter, faster user facing requests